Surgical Excision Procedures

Surgical Excision for Skin Lesions

The dermatologists at Texas Dermatology and Laser Specialists perform lipoma excisions, mole excisions, scar excisions and more.

Excision of Skin Lesions

A surgical excision involves cutting a skin growth or scar out of the skin. Excisions are performed by dermatologists for diagnosing or ruling out skin diseases, and to remove cancerous growths or formations. Ensuring that a dangerous growth is completely removed is important for preventing the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. Excisions are also sometimes performed for cosmetic reasons. A local anesthetic is used to reduce discomfort or pain.

Common Types of Excisions

  • Lipoma Excision
  • Mole Excision
  • Scar Excision
  • Cyst Excision

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